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Whether your home is heated with gas or by way of electrical means, you may be wondering which of the two choices is better. Which one saves you more money every year? Is there a clear winner? To find out the answer to these questions, let’s take a closer look at each of the two options.

Gas Heating

Gas heating systems are very good at operating efficiently in freezing temperatures without a loss of heating ability. These systems use natural gas to heat your home, but there are many people who do not feel comfortable with this. The main risks that are associated with heating your home with natural gas are explosions and fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and asphyxiation. Though these risks are not very common and heating with natural gas is considered to be safe, there are still those who would rather have peace of mind and go with electrical heating instead.

When it comes to the cost of gas heating, it largely depends on the cost of gas in your particular area. This cost can vary widely, with gas being more affordable in some areas than it is in others. Another factor that is going to make a difference in the cost of gas heating is the size of your home. Obviously, you are going to need more heat if your home is bigger, resulting in a higher heating bill.

Electrical Heating

Heating your home with an electric heat pump rather than a gas furnace does have some benefits. Electric heating sources are a great way to get clean and comfortable heat without being burdened with a hefty electrical bill- that is if you live in a warmer climate that does not see below freezing temperatures at any time throughout the year. For other regions that see freezing temperatures and long winters where the cold gets bitter and cheek-stinging, electrical heat pumps may not be able to keep up and consistently heat your home. During especially frigid temperatures, backup heat is likely going to be needed and as a result, your electrical bill will likely rise. This lack of power in cold temperatures also means that you could have some difficulty heating up your entire home if you live in an especially large house.

Which type of heating you choose is entirely up to you, and this is something that you should think about significantly before making an informed decision. Now that we have given you a quick rundown on some of the differences between gas and electric heating, we hope your choice will be much easier to make.